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Table of Contents
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Preface: Why I Became a Radiation Oncologist



Chapter 1: Why Do You Need Radiation Therapy?

Chapter 2: What Is Radiation Therapy?
-Definition of Radiation Therapy
-How Radiation Therapy Works
-Radiation Therapy Equipment
-The Radiation Treatment Team
-The Radiation Treatment Plan
-Determining Factors in Prescribing Treatment
-External Radiation Therapy is Painless

Chapter 3: Your First Meeting with the Radiation Oncologist

Chapter 4: Radiation Therapy and Your Life
-Life and Death Issues
-Complementary Therapy
-Lifestyle Changes
-Radiation Therapy for the Terminally Ill Patient
-Sexuality After a Cancer Diagnosis
-Economic Issues
-Transportation Issues
-Family Relations
-Physical and Mental Functions
-Cosmetic Appearance

Chapter 5: Simulation: The First Step in Your Treatment Plan
-Immobilization Devices
-Other Materials Used for Simulation
-Radiation Treatment Planning CAT Scans

Chapter 6: Simulation According to Body Site
-Simulation of the Head
-Head and Neck Simulation
-Chest Simulation
-Abdominal Simulation
-Pelvic Simulation
-Skin Lesion Simulation
-Breast and Chest Wall Simulation
-Simulation of the Arms and Legs (Extremities)
-Bone Simulation
-Simulation of the Mantle Field
-Simulation of the Spleen and Abdominal Lymph Nodes for Hodgkin's Disease
-Pediatric Patient Simulation

Chapter 7: What to Expect During and After Radiation Therapy
-Side Effects and Complications from Radiation Therapy
-Side Effects and Complications for Specific Body Sites
--Radiation Therapy to the Head
--Radiation Therapy to the Head and Neck Area
--Chest (Thoracic) Radiation Therapy
--Radiation Therapy to the Abdomen
--Radiation Therapy to the Pelvis
--Radiation Therapy to the Skin
--Radiation Therapy to the Breast and Chest Wall
--Radiation Therapy to the Extremities
--Irradiation of Bones
--Radiation Therapy for Hodgkin's Disease

Chapter 8: Special Forms of Radiation Therapy
--Tandem and Ovoids Insertion
--Vaginal Cylinder Insertion
--Prostate Seed Implants
-Systemic Isotope Therapy
-Stereotactic Radiosurgery
-Total Body Irradiation
-Intraoperative Radiation Therapy
-Photodynamic Therapy
-Clinical Trials
-Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)

Chapter 9: Life After Radiation Therapy

Chapter 10: Frequently Asked Questions





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