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Cancer is the most dreaded diagnosis in our society.  Nearly half of all cancer patients will require radiation therapy at some point.  Radiotherapy is perhaps a patient's least understood area of medicine.  Fear, misinformation, and a lack of knowledge are what make patients feel so vulnerable.

The Best News About Radiation Therapy: How to Cope and Survive is an easy-to-understand, current, informative resource about radiotherapy.  It describes the technical and emotional aspects of treatment from a patient's point of view.

By debunking the myths that abound, The Best News thoroughly and authoritatively enlightens readers about what to expect during the course of radiation treatment and afterward.

The Best News helps to allay the patient's worries and enlightens readers about radiation therapy from a humanistic standpoint.  This book is a source of inspiration and self-help for those who need radiation therapy.

As seen in Reed Business Information:
     Often used in conjunction with surgery or chemotherapy, radiation treatments, a.k.a. radiotherapy, can be a frightening experience for many cancer patients, but Kornmehl (Attending Radiation Oncologist at The Valley Hospital , Ridgewood, NJ) has written a clear and concise guide that will reassure anxious readers. Covering all forms of radiotherapy, from the commonly used external beam therapy to brachytherapy, which uses radioactive implants to deliver therapy directly to the affected organ, the author explains what these treatments involve and how they work to destroy cancerous cells. Photographs of the equipment are accompanied by clear explanations of how they are used. To add a personal touch to the text, Kornmehl includes vignettes of patients undergoing radiation therapy. She also addresses side effects in an FAQ chapter. A concise glossary and a list of resources complete her book. While many guides on cancer discuss radiation therapy, none provides the kind of detail offered here. Highly recommended for most consumer health collections. - Jodith Janes, Cleveland Clinic Foundation Library. Copyright 2003


Kornmehl, Carol L., M.D. The Best News About Radiation Therapy: How To Cope and Survive. Academic Radiation Oncology Pr. 155p. illus. bibliog. index. ISBN 0-9721896-0-2. pap. $14.95.

Kornmehl, a radiation oncologist, explains the methods and equipment used to administer radiation therapy for treating cancer. She discusses specific types of treatment for various types of cancers and different anatomical regions. She also offers advice about support groups, nutrition during therapy, follow-up visits, and skin care. The book goes into greater detail about radiotherapy than most cancer books. The photographs of radiological equipment, glossary, and resource list help make this volume one of a kind. (LJ 8/03)  

The Best News about Radiation Therapy
Everything You Need to Know about Your Treatment
Carol Kornmehl, M.D., F.A.C.R.O.

Nearly half of all cancer patients require radiation therapy. Not only do they have questions about their condition, but in addition, the process of radiation is the least understood area of medicine and makes patients feel the most vulnerable.

Here, Dr. Carol Kornmehl guides patients through this intimidating process, explaining each step of the therapy and the results they can expect from their treatment. Focusing on both the technical and the emotional aspects of radiotherapy, she debunks common myths while reassuring readers about this essential but often misunderstood field of medicine.

Carol Kornmehl, M.D., F.A.C.R.O., is a board certified radiation oncologist and a clinical assistant professor of radiation oncology at Robert Wood Johnson/Rutgers College of Medicine and Drexel University Hospital. She lives in Morganville, New Jersey.


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